shine bright 1:1 life-coaching & MENTORING

Led by Soulla, Founder of Soulshine Retreats

The vision for Soulshine and all that it encompasses is to support you in achieving your optimum emotional, physical and spiritual health so that you can live your life to its full potential. Shine Bright Transformational Life-Coaching & Mentoring is one of the powerful ways in which we can support you on your journey to quite simply shine your brightest.

Shine Bright Life-Coaching & Mentoring is holistic and addresses all aspects of personal growth, including:

• self-confidence  • self-acceptance • relationships  • meditation  • creativity • health (emotional and physical)
self-care  • life purpose • entrepreneurship  • authentic leadership • spirituality


About Transformational Life-Coaching

Transformational Life-Coaching is built on the essential understanding that every human is whole and unbroken and that we each have the resources required to make changes and bring improvements to our lives. My role as your Life-Coach & Mentor is to provide the space for positive dialogue and to support you on your journey of listening, reconnecting and accessing your own wisdom. 

We'll spend time looking deeper into yourself, your life and the changes that might be required for you to become your healthiest and happiest self. It may be small shifts and getting unstuck in an area of life, or it may be a total life overhaul. We'll use the coaching space to explore what is going on inside as much as outside, examining your beliefs, values, expectations, assumptions and any psychological patterns that guide you at this time in your life. 

Every individual is completely unique and every coaching journey is a mirror of that. No matter what you bring to the space, Shine Bright Coaching is ultimately about awakening the truest, greatest version of yourself, breaking free of limiting beliefs, and getting into alignment with how you truly want to show up in the world. 


Who is it for?

Shine Bright Coaching is for anyone who is feeling stuck and out of their flow. Perhaps you are feeling de-motivated, going through a transition or experiencing a challenging period in one aspect of your life – personal or professional. Maybe life is just 'fine' and you want to push it into the 'flipping marvellous'. Perhaps you have a dream or vision but you're not quite sure how to go about achieving it. You might be really struggling with emotions, stress and anxiety. 

You are completely unique and your Coaching experience will be a reflection of that. The most important factor is simply that you are open to the process and ready to commit to yourself. You won't be doing it alone - I promise to support you all the way.

Let's have a chat...

If you'd like to find out if Shine Bright Life-Coaching is for you, simply enquire now and we can schedule a free 30-minute Discovery Call. This will give you a taste of what it's like to work with me whilst also making sure that we're a good fit. You'll be able to ask any questions that you have about Coaching and we can explore how I can help you at this time. We can also look at the different programme lengths, payment options and create the perfect Coaching experience to match your needs. 

Speak to Soulla. Open your heart, tell her everything - your hurt, your fears, your experiences, your pain but also what makes you happy or what gives you pleasure. Keep talking, let it all out - then listen!! Let her love wrap you in a warm soothing blanket, heal you, help you, advise you. You have the power to help yourself - you just need help to start that wonderful journey.
Soulla was a kind, thoughtful and super-supportive life coach. With her great guidance we created the right conditions to explore the issues and arrive at some actionable decisions in a short space of time. It was reassuringly no-holds-barred and the spur for so much useful communication once each session ended - this wasn’t ‘private therapy for one’ on the psychologist’s couch, but a really tangible exploration that naturally spilled into useful new conversations with my partner and family.

About Soulla

Transformational Life-Coach, Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher and Founder of Soulshine Retreats, I have nearly a decade of experience working personally and professionally with over 1,500 individuals from all walks of life – holding space for deep transformation, clarity and healing through Retreats, Corporate Retreats, Workshops and bespoke 1:1 Programmes.

My purpose is to support individuals to gain greater personal insight, overcome past experiences, find clarity and focus, reduce anxiety and stress, increase confidence and live a more purpose filled and balanced life - physically, mentally and emotionally.

Why work with Soulla?

As someone who suffered from Anxiety and Depression for many years and who has also gone through the bumpy terrain of a major life overhaul, I really have journeyed deeply, and often through the 'shadow side' to explore, experience and discover practices that support us in our pursuit of happiness and peace. It was through my own journey, the highs and the lows, that the desire for Soulshine Retreats and all that it encompasses was born and I have spent the last nine years immersing myself in practices for healing and wellbeing and sharing them with others. 

I am an ardent believer in cultivating a compassionate approach for taking our happiness and our destiny into our own hands in order to live life fully and joyfully and believe that we all hold the innate potential for healing.

I hold a deep desire to share the skills that I have learned on my journey in the same way that they were shared with me and when I needed them. These practices and tools have brought me hope and I have seen them bring hope and happiness to so many others. 

My intention is to support positive transformation into the world so that each and every one of us can embrace our full potential and find the happiness and freedom that exists within us all. Quite simply, to shine bright!

Emotionally I felt wrapped by a soothing blanket of love & care. I was encouraged to think forward not back to a bad place and how to deal with the physical pain in a way that allowed myself to say it’s ok to feel this right now & how to be kind to myself
Thank you Soulla for being such a great life coach! You helped me learn more about myself and gave me the tools and approaches to being happier, calmer and more in control of my life.


Our Shine Bright Toolkit

Your highly individualised programme will be supported by many tools and techniques developed from my years running Transformational Retreat Programmes. Below are some examples of the tools and strategies that might be integrated into your Coaching and Mentor programme if appropriate…

  • In order to work with our outer world, we must often begin with inner landscape; our values, beliefs and our personal narrative for our lives. As part of your programme, we can draw upon an extensive toolkit of wellness tools and Psychology informed methodologies to help you cultivate greater awareness, emotional resilience and provide a platform to navigate the challenges of modern-day life including Anxiety, Stress, Burnout, low Self-Esteem, Loss and working with the Inner Critic.

  • Meditation is such a valuable tool. It allows us to process our emotions, connect with ourselves and gain clarity in life. Mindfulness techniques can help us educate our mind to recognise their inner critic and cultivate a calmer and more compassionate inner dialogue.

  • Self-Compassion strategies alongside Mindfulness form a strong foundation for the work that I offer. Helping individuals to cultivate tools to encourage Self-Acceptance, Self-Compassion and a more peaceful and kind inner relationship.

  • Internal Family Systems is a powerful and effective Psychotherapeutic approach for gaining clarity and insight into our inner world. IFS helps to identify long held emotional beliefs and patterns and find ways to heal and develop emotional resilience and Self-Leadership with curiosity and compassion.

  • Introducing Breathwork techniques, Yoga and a focus on balancing the Nervous System to support individuals with Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Overwhelm and the overall development of greater emotional awareness, balance and resilience

  • Yoga Therapy for Insomnia provides practical advice and support on sleep and stress management.

  • Emotional Freedom Technique to work with Anxiety, Stress-Management, fears and Phobias

  • Soulshine’s extensive team of expert wellness professionals such as Nutritional Therapists, Acupuncturists, Energetic Healers, Therapists and Body-Workers with specialisms in Burnout, Anxiety and Stress management can also be engaged to support your Shine Bright Life-Coaching Programme.


A little note from Soulla

It may be that we work together or it may be that I am just a stepping stone on your path, but I just want to acknowledge that it takes an enormous amount of guts and courage to embark on Life-Coaching or any other path of Self-Enquiry. It can also feel incredibly uncomfortable investing what is not an insignificant amount of money on something that might not even have a clear or tangible outcome for you other than 'feeling better'.

I just want to take a moment to respect whatever processes you are going through and to acknowledge that for some of you, it might be a really tough time right now. Wherever you are and whatever stage of your journey our paths are crossing, I want you to know that I really believe that everything has the potential to change. My favourite mantra and a great personal support to me over the years is the Buddhist teaching ‘this too shall pass…’.

Introducing Project Shine Bright

Life-Coaching Programme + Luxury Ibiza Retreat Experience

Introducing our most powerful Soulshine experience yet! Project Shine Bright is a 6-week Life-Coaching Programme taken in conjunction with our Luxury Ibiza Shine Bright Programme. Expect a profound journey to the heart and deep transformation to awaken your soul and expand your freedom. This is truly a programme to nourish mind, body and soul.

Enquire now to find out more. You can also click here to check out our Luxury Ibiza Soulshine Retreats. 

Book Your Discovery Call…

If you'd like to find out if Shine Bright Life-Coaching is for you, simply enquire now and we can schedule a free 30-minute Discovery Call. This will give you a taste of what it's like to work with me whilst also making sure that we're a good fit. You'll be able to ask any questions that you have about Coaching and we can explore how I can help you at this time. We can also look at the different programme lengths, payment options and create the perfect Coaching experience to match your needs. 


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