Salomon X Pro

The X Pro is a manoeuvrable, high performing all round piste ski. Being more piste-oriented, this recreational ski is made of a composite core, which offers forgiveness and fluidity. The Salomon Power-line Alium technology featured in the ski will absorb shocks and vibrations making the ski more stable and precise especially through crud and will help good skiers to constantly push and improve their technique on the slope.

Technical Info:

  • Recommended Use: Multi Turns/Carving
  • Ability Level: Intermediate
  • Rocker Type: Carve Rocker
  • Ski Dimensions: 124/73/107 at 164cm
  • Turn Radius: 14m at a ski length of 172cm
  • Sizes Available: 146, 154, 161, 176
  • Core: Wood
  • Base: Composite

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Below is an overview of the range of ski equipment that you can expect during your Soulshine Retreat within the Black and Red category. You will be fitted on your arrival and our expert ski technician will recommend the best equipment to suit your experience and needs.



The Salomon X-Drive Range is a frontside all mountain, fast, responsive versatile and fun ski.  From early morning compact groomers, to late afternoon crud and holding up nicely on the fresh powder days, the X-Drive gives skiers the ability to ski the whole resort comfortably. The subtle tip rocker gives great all round performance and makes the X-Drive a powerful and helpful all-mountain ski. The X-Drive is highly maneuverable and powerful, but at the same time steady enough for carving nice turns on groomers. Performance in fresh layers of powder or chopped-up terrain on piste, make the X-Drive an all-mountain ski.

The X-Drive R is the most forgiving ski in our X-Drive range, aimed at intermediate skiers looking to work on and improve their technique.

Technical Info:

  • Recommended Use: Frontside All Mountain
  • Ability Level: Intermediate +
  • Rocker Type: All Terrain
  • Ski Dimensions: 125/77/105
  • Turn Radius: 12m
  • Sizes Available: 147, 154, 161, 168, 176
  • Core: Wood
  • Base: Composite
  • Colours may vary

X Pro SX/Ti

Our X Pro Black level ski is described by Salomon as the rock star ski for the rest of us. The big brother of our red level X Pros, this ski is all you need to carve up the groomers with stable precision and plenty of power. Geared towards advanced skiers, this high tech ski with woodcore and double Ti laminate construction offer forgiveness and stability, whilst the integrated Powerline system ensures perfect vibration filtering on any surface, hits from the piste are swallowed up easily ensuring smooth runs. The built in Carve Rocker provides easy turn initiation so you can ski faster and longer with less effort; just a little pressure is enough to turn. Depending on pressure and edging angle you can choose whether you want to do short, sporty, or enjoyable long curves.

Technical Info:

  • Recommended Use: Multi Turns, On Piste.
  • Ability Level: Advanced
  • Rocker Type: Carve
  • Ski Dimensions: 124/73/107 at 163cm
  • Turn Radius: 14m
  • Sizes Available: 162, 170
  • Core: Wood
  • Base: Composite
  • *Colours may vary.

X-Drive 8.0

The X-Drive Series are the replacement for the popular Enduro series.  With a moderate side-cut, the ski is energetic with a good flex spot. One of the most versatile skis in Salomons range, with precise steering, all terrain "Rocker" and a wood core construction, it delivers incredible edge grip on hard pack snow. It's a powerful, all-mountain ski for advanced skiers who ride on-piste but want to explore the rest of the terrain.

Technical Info:

  • Recommended Use: Frontside All Mountain
  • Ability Level: Advanced +
  • Rocker Type: All Terrain
  • Ski Dimensions: 125/75/127 at 170
  • Turn Radius: 15m
  • Sizes Available: 163, 170, 177
  • Core: Wood
  • Base: Composite
  • *Colours may vary

N Q-90

"All-mountain confidence and exploring inspiration." The Salomon Q-Line of skis is the most progressive ski in their range. The Q-Line is a personal favourite of Green Rides Staff, with Matt and Martyn both choosing to ride this ski. The Q-90 is aimed at advanced skiers looking to explore new terrain and develop their off-piste skills, with a lightweight wood core, tip rocker and forgiving early rise tail. A 90mm waist, Hook Free Taper, and the Utility Rocker allow the Q-90 to handle in deeper and variable snow, to float, turn and carve with confidence. The Full Wood Core has a very lively, snappy feel to it, making the Q-90 a fun ski for quicker tighter turns. A Semi Sandwich Construction has a vertical sidewall underfoot for edge hold and control on the groomers, while the cap construction in the tips and tails adds a touch of forgiveness to the ski. This ski will handle both the groomers, and the off trail terrain without disappointment.

Technical Info:

  • Recommended Use: All Mountain
  • Ability Level: Advanced
  • Rocker Type: Utility
  • Ski Dimensions: 130/89/117 at 177cm
  • Turn Radius: 15.5m
  • Sizes Available: 161, 169, 177
  • Core: Lightweight Wood
  • Base: Composite