Ski Classes

Would you like to attend the reputable Ecole Ski Francais School (ESF) to learn how to master the slopes or improve your mountain skills during your retreat? This is the time to book the perfect option for you. We strongly recommend booking these in advance as they are very popular and get booked up (especially the English speaking options).

Please note, all class options are based on availability and only refundable with a two-week cancellation period.

  • Any ski lesson bookings are booked subject to availability. If booked within two weeks before your retreat, ESF can not guarantee availability of English speaking lessons.
  • For Snowboarding classes - please contact a member of the Soulshine Team.  

Your Level

We have group and private classes available to book. When selecting your classes, please make sure you select the correct level as defined by Ecole Ski Francais below. This will help us to book the correct class for you. The teachers will gauge your level again during the week and your class may be adjusted accordingly to match your needs:



I have never skied before

  • Becoming familiar with the equipment and snow
  • Balance while sliding over smooth terrain on a gentle slope
  • Snowplough turn, controlling speed using a snaking trajectory, using ski lifts

Lower Intermediate Group – Level 1

I have skied the equivalent of about a week and can snow plough comfortably on a green or easy blue

  • Descending in an elementary turn on a gentle to moderately steep slope
  • Elementary direct line
  • Elementary sideslipping: uphill swing, at an angle
  • Step turns sliding uphill


Upper Intermediate Group – Level 2

I have passed the level 1 and I have skied at least a week and can turn with my skis in parallel on blue to red runs

  • Descent with a basic parallel turn on a varied, moderately steep slope
  • Basic direct line, basic sideslips and garlands, basic high-speed turns


Advanced Group – Level 3

I have passed the level 2 and I am comfortable on most runs and can manage short radius turns

  • Descent with perfect turns on all types of piste
  • Perfect direct line
  • Perfect high-speed turn
  • Experience of skiing in all types of snow and terrain


Ski Class Options

And now, please choose your ski class option. Please note you can combine group classes and private classes if you would really like to focus on your development.

Group Ski Lessons: 5 days Monday to Friday: 9:00-11:00
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Group Ski Lessons: 3 days Monday to Wednesday: 9:00-11:00
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  • English instruction
  • 2 hours per day
  • 09.00 – 11.00am

Private Ski Lesson (peak) | 1 Hour: Afternoon
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  • English instruction
  • Please choose multiple sessions for multiple days
  • Please note - private sessions are incredibly limited in peak season and are for 1 hour only per session.  

Phew, that should be all your mountain needs catered for. 

We just need to arrange for final payment and then we should all be done. Exciting! Please click on the shopping cart icon on the top right hand side of the page to check your order and proceed to our payment page.