Soulshine Workshops & Events

Through Shine Bright Transformative Life-Coaching, Yoga, Mindfulness and an array of Insight and therapeutics practices, our workshops provide a supportive, inspiring, transformative and empowering experience for healing, growth and expansion, all within the safe embrace of our loving Soulshine community.

  • Soulshine Sessions: 3-Hour Yoga & Meditation Workshops

  • Shine Bright Sessions: One-Day Yoga, Meditation & Life-Coaching Urban Retreats

  • Little Shots of Soulshine: Two-Day Yoga, Meditation & Life-Coaching Urban Retreats

  • Soul-Soother Sessions: Workshops addressing specific themes e.g. Sleep, Anxiety, Stress

No workshops currently scheduled.

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About Soulshine Workshops & Events

Soulshine Sessions with Soulla

Yoga & Meditation Workshops

During these deliciously long and reflective Yoga and Meditation sessions you’ll experience powerful, heart-opening and transformative soulful Yoga with music, readings, Visualisations, Mindfulness, Meditation and Pranayama (breathing techniques) followed by blissfully calming Yin and Restorative poses and deeply restful Yoga Nidra.

Sessions will be themed in ways to invite enquiry into our inner narratives, patterns and beliefs with an intention of flowing towards greater self-acceptance, compassion, peace and ultimately joyful living. A truly Yin & Yang journey to inner balance. 

Shine Bright Sessions with Soulla

One Day Yoga, Meditation & Life-Coaching Urban Retreats

Shine Bright Sessions are simply extended versions of the Soulshine Sessions with greater focus upon Shine Bright Transformative Life-Coaching in addition to heaps of utterly delicious Yoga and Meditation. A deliciously long session to dive deep into self-care practices, think of this like a mini-retreat!

Little Shots of Soulshine - Mini Urban Retreats with Love

Two Day Yoga, Meditation & Life-Coaching Urban Retreats

Somewhere between a workshop and a retreat, these weekend experiences are borne from the desire to create a space for Soulshiners to truly immerse themselves in transformative practices but with the freedom of just one night away from home and with accommodation that matches your budget.

We’ll travel to different cities for a weekend of diving deep into Soulshine practices in the form of Yoga, Meditation and Shine Bright Life-Coaching. Soulla will share many of the tools from our Soulshine Retreat Programmes. There will be an optional group dinner for the Saturday night, so we can all hang with other lovely, like-minded Soulshiners. YUM!

You’ll simply need to buy your ticket for the weekend of workshops and then book your own accommodation and travel to match your schedule and budget. Easy peasy!

Important Workshop Information

Yoga Equipment Provided

All equipment will be provided. Please bring a notebook and pen. Some cosy and snug clothes for final relaxation will also be handy. Plus a smile and an open heart! We’ll always reconfirm before your workshop.

Health & Pregnancy

Please note, we are not legally insured to teach any pregnant students. If you have any health issues or severe allergies that might impact on your practice, please get in touch to discuss directly before booking.  

Beginners Welcome

Whilst we will be flowing in the sessions, as with our Retreats we welcome all levels of Yoga experience although some experience will make your Soulshine Session more enjoyable & fun. The sessions are suitable for strong beginners upwards. If unsure please get in touch as we’re so happy to help and answer any questions that you might have.

Refunds & Cancellations

Please review click here to review our Workshop Refund Policy.

Join us for a Soul-Soothing Retreat in 2020…