Soulshine Snow Yoga Classes

For all those heading to the mountains this winter, we’re so excited to offer our completely and utterly FREE Soulshine Snow Yoga Classes – a collection of short and sweet Soulshine Yoga classes to prepare yourself physically for your time skiing or snowboarding in the mountains. Each class has a specific focus so you can build strength and flexibility through the hamstrings, quads, core and hips. The classes are just perfect for practicing in the lead-up to your time in your mountains and also to warm-up before hitting the slopes.  

Start watching the video below, or choose one of the other videos in the series below...

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Soulshine Snow Yoga Adventures

January – March 2016 - Our winter 2016 yoga retreats.

Invigorate your mind, body and soul with an unforgettable week of skiing, snowboarding, Yoga, meditation, breathtaking scenery, log fires, hot-tubs, massages, saunas, delicious meals, hot chocolates, homemade cakes, new friends and snow, snow, snow on a Soulshine Snow Yoga Adventure.